G-Dragon rep says blackface photo is a 'huge misunderstanding'

A self-portrait of K-Pop star G-Dragon from Instagram. (G-Dragon / Instagram / July 31, 2013)
August 1, 2013, 3:37 p.m.
Earlier this week, the K-Pop superstar G-Dragon apuestas de futbol posted an image to his Instagram account that shocked many U.S. fans with its resemblance to a widely shared image of the Florida shooting victim Trayvon Martin.
Though the post didn't mention Martin by name, the photo's uncanny similarity to the Martin shot -- similar framing, a gray hood over his head and what appeared to be an ugly "blackface" makeup job -- prompted an uproar from fans and media who thought G-Dragon had made a very awkward sort of tribute in line with the "I Am Trayvon Martin" meme. Artists like Frank Ocean, The-Dream and Diddy had also recently posted similar photos of themselves online.
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Now a rep for G-Dragon has told Spin, one of the first outlets to report on the resemblance, that the entire situation was a "HUGE misunderstanding" and that the image was a visual concept in line with the art for G-Dragon's upcoming album.
"The face paint is only a color variation for his album cover which includes black, white, and red," the rep told Spin. "It is in no way meant to be a political or racial statement." Nonetheless, the photo did spur a conversation about how African-Americans are represented in Korean pop culture.
G-Dragon is slated to appear in L.A. this month at the popular K-CON festival, a showcase of contemporary K-Pop culture. Perhaps this whole episode can be a lesson that any non-African Americans posting context-free photos of themselves in black face paint and hip-hop-inspired attire is probably not a wise move.
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Whatever Augest Brown you really don't deserve this job you treat it and your wrtiting with no fact, respect or truth.
I'm glad this story was posted, it should be addressed that the Kpop community that borrows so much of its sound from the black music industry constantly mocks that same influential industry. I can't tell you how often I see blackface and mocking ebonic-like accents on Korean TV (which my family, being of Korean heritage watch every weekend)! Always there is someone mocking black people for laughs and Americans just look.

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He's not wearing a hoodie he pulled a shirt over his head.  His "hip hop attire" is a T shirt.  Now no one can wear a basic T shirt without getting approval from August Brown of the LA Times Music blog?
The "spur a conversation" link you provides is to another blog.  And the "conversation" consists of 2 posts, both of which are criticizing the slant of the article, nothing about "how African-Americans are represented in Korean pop culture."
How did you manage to mangle the takeaway from all this to be that people shouldn't wear hip hop clothing.  You didn't get any sort of inkling that maybe the lesson is BE A JOURNALIST? Is dropping an email to YG for comment that hard? It looks like you still haven't even bothered to look at the original photo since you continue to insist it's a hoodie.
the LA Times blog sourced its entry entirely from a SPIN online entry that based itself (down to the talking points and mistatements) from an entirely unsourced LIVEJOURNAL rant from a teenager.
August Brown, you're probably aces as a human being but when it comes to your job ur doin it rong man.
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