Sports Sunglasses- Wear The Right Shades With Your Favorite Sport

Going out in the sun to indulge in your favorite pastime? Hold on! Have you ever given a thought how much strain and stress your eyes undergo when you are playing your favorite sport? Many cases of eye fatigue and retina damage have been reported with injuries ranging from mild to severe. All because of inadequate eye protection. Sports sunglasses play a vital role in avoiding damage to the eyes and also add a dash of glamour to your looks. Now, there are different sports which involve different kinds of activities. Sunglasses used for a specific sport may not be suitable enough for another. Therefore, it's highly important that you know which are the right shades to be worn with a particular sport. Here are some different types of sports sunglasses:

Type#1- Cycling sunglasses

When you are cycling at a high speed, there is a lot of wind resistance to the face which can hurt your eyes badly. The bright sunshine is also detrimental to eye health. Cycling sunglasses should be lightweight, highly durable and designed to withstand strong shocks and impacts. Another important feature is that they should be 'face-hugging' which means that they should completely block dust and dirt particles. A good and much popular choice for cyclists are polarized sunglasses by Anarchy and Bolle brands.

Type#2- Baseball sunglasses

If you have been a part of a high-pitched baseball match, then you must have noticed that the intensity is really on the higher levels. Along with the basic wind and dust protection, baseball sunglasses need to have top- rate UV protection. Since most of the action is under direct sunlight, maximum care is required for your eyes. An excellent option for baseball fans would be to buy Oakley or Under Armour sports sunglasses which are known to provide 90% UV protection.

Type#3- Golf sunglasses

Golf aficionados know how important the sun factor is in influencing the outcome of a game. An extremely bright sun can throw a player off his game. To make the golf course seem clearer and improve the terrain visibility, golf sunglasses should preferably have yellow lenses with a high nanometer rating. In this way, the bright casas de apuestas conditions caused by the sun are also diminished to a great extent. Some of the favorite sunglasses brands of golfers are.

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Type#4- Sunglasses for extreme sports

Extreme sports require you to push yourself to the limits of endurance. In such sports e.g. skiing, dirt bike racing, river rafting, snowboarding etc., the last thing that you would want to happen is your vision failing you. To avoid any kind of mishap, you require top quality sunglasses or goggles with extremely good functionality and high durability. An essential feature of these sunglasses is that they should hug the face properly and provide maximum comfort and a strong grip. The best selling sunglasses brands for the extreme sports category are Adidas, Oakley and Maui Jim.

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